After the difficult period of the past two months which gave rise to a swell of solidarity and showed the courage of the inhabitants of Saint-Barthelemy, the time has come to end this year 2017, rich in events.

The Collectivity’s Culture, Celebrations and Communication Commission is pleased to offer the population of St Barthelemy a great free concert by American star Jimmy Buffett on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 from 9 pm on the Quai General de Gaulle.

Mr. Jimmy Buffett with Soley & Friends by his side will perform live in Gustavia in this concert event presented by the Collectivity of Saint-Barthelemy and hosted by Mrs. Alessandra SUBLET.

This concert is a true solidarity operation. Thanks to generous donors and friends of St Barths, it will allow fundraising following Hurricane IRMA via

These funds will be used for reconstruction and replanting projects on the island and will come in support of the most affected people.

This year the bar will be managed by the Galops des îles association.

The only equestrian center on the island of Saint-Barthelemy, it suffered heavy losses after the events affecting St Barth. Indeed, seven horses did not survive, 19 survivors will keep physical and psychological wounds. The stable must be renewed and the rescued horses sent to a safe place to enjoy a well-deserved retirement.


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