Founded in 2015, Coral Restoration St Barth devotes itself to restoring coral reefs with genetically sound and diverse corals that will in turn re-seed reefs, understanding the biology and mechanisms of coral bleaching and raising awareness in the younger generations and people in general, the tourism industry and environmental organizations of the importance of preserving marine ecosystems
Over time, the association has developed other missions involving the sea world and particularly fishing. 


Since 2016 and in collaboration with the island’s fishermen, the association has decided to set up a sustainable fishery by establishing certain rules and specific traps.
Coral Restoration
organizes hunting for lionfish, an invasive species in our islands.
Lastly, since 2017, the association has wanted to restore coastlines by developing a strategy that respects our beaches’ ecosystem: putting in place plants favoring turtle egg-laying and which are resistant to climatic conditions.

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